Group Travel

Pilgrims have embarked on journeys of faith for hundreds if not thousands of years and whilst the mode of transport has changed dramatically over the centuries through to the modern day, people still like to travel together to share their knowledge and experiences.

We are proud of the motto “experts in air travel” below the Masterfare name and yet that does not fully convey the fact that our reputation as a pioneer in the field of pilgrimage travel has been forged in the last 20 years by looking after both individuals and groups of travellers.

Our meticulous approach to looking after our group travel customers is supported by the fact that many have been booking with us since the company was created in 1992. Our highly skilled agents work hard to understand the needs and requirements of every group booking because each one has a unique signature that demands respect and attention to detail.

With state of the art booking systems and access to air fares from around the globe through our international network, we support our group leaders and travel agents 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

That’s why so many group travel customers return to us year after year.

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